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What Is Scrapbooking?

Scrapbooking is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the country. Millions of pictures are taken each year and scrapbooking is a creative, thoughtful way to preserve and organize those memories in an interesting format. It is the method of combining pictures, memorabilia and stories (called journaling) in an album. Scrapbooking also adds a social aspect as there are growing clubs, consultants, neighbors, and families who often get together just to "scrap". It's a great way to bond and share memories, which is what scrapping is all about.

Break out those old photos in the attic and shoeboxes and realize their potential. The first step is to organize the pictures. Write the place the photo was taken, the people in the photo, the date of the photo, and any memories. That way, if you don't get around to making a page for a few years, you'll have the vital information when the time comes to make the spread.

The second step is to assemble a page. Once there are enough photos for a page, it's essential to use acid free or archival quality materials. This includes paper, stickers, die cuts, glue, inks (pens, markers, printer), and page protectors. Time and incorrect storage are the biggest threats to photos. By using acid free products, long life is guaranteed. Play around with different layouts. Be prepared to crop the photos. Use stickers, die cuts, and rubber stamps to enhance the look of a page.

Journaling is almost as vital as the photos themselves. Journaling is the process of documenting those famous questions who, what, where, when, why. Although a photo can tell a story, journaling makes sure there are no questions remaining and enhances the pages, making them uniquely yours.

The ultimate goal is to have each page tell a story. To be able to hand the scrapbook to a friend you haven't seen in a year, have them go through the scrapbook without you having to say word, and let them feel as if they've been there with you, for every event.