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Journaling Tips

Don't delay in developing the film. The greater the memory, the less time will have gone by. If journaling won't be done soon after the film has been developed, make time to write down the names of the people in the photos, the date, the location, the reason the photo was taken, and impressions.

Decide if you will write on additional piece of paper to be added to the layout, or to the page itself.

Don't select ink colors that conflict with the paper or the photos. Use the page colors and the main colors in the photos to decide what colors to use.

Lay out pictures and any other items on the page before writing on the page.

Use a ruler or straight edge to keep the lines straight. Use a pencil lightly to make the lines.

If handwriting is a hinderance, some suggestions would be to use a computer to print out the text. This allows for a great opportunity of color, fonts, and size. Just be sure the ink is acid free. Another option is to buy a lettering book that provides ideas and practice methods.

To get around spelling mistakes, use a pencil to lightly write the message. Then go over the pencil lines with an acid free or archival pen. Erase pencils lines and marks once ink dries.