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I am almost 4 years old and I love dinosaurs... could you guess? The t-rex is my favorite, but they're all pretty cool to me. I'm surrounded by dinosaurs at home - in my bed, on my wall, my curtains. I love dinosaur movies, especially the Dink and Land Before Time series. I have lots of dinosaur toys and books and clothes. One of my favorite things to do is R O A R at everyone around me. I like to pretend I'm a dinosaur.

Here's a dinosaur I've adopted.

He keeps me in line when Mom and Dad can't.

I call him Chex, bet you can figure out why.

If you can provide a good home, look below to adopt a dinosaur like I did.



There are some links I'd like to share with you.

Dinotopia - The idea of dinosaurs and people living together.

Dino Russ's Lair - providing information on paleontology, especially vertebrate paleontology and primarily about dinosaurs.

The Children's Stomping Ground - good dino information written for kids

Dinosaur Scrambler Puzzle - put the pieces of the puzzle together to make a dinosaur picture.

Kinetosaurus - Kinetosaurs are dinosaur sculptures that move! This site includes craft ideas - NEAT!

Download-A-Dinosaur - Designs for easy-to-make paper dinosaurs that you can download from this site and print out on your printer

Dinosaur Activities - includes coloring book, sticker book, connect the dots, and create-a-saurus, by Knowledge Adventure.

Discovery Room Online - be a dinosaur detective, unscramble bones, and solve riddles.


Thanks for visiting me and come back soon... if you dare.

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